Olivier Lliboutry

French Roast Original Music Composer

Olivier Lliboutry's website is out!
A very nice way to discover the work of the composer who has created the beautiful score of French Roast (which I'm very proud of!). You can listen to some extracts of it in the "audio" section.

I've known Olivier for the last 15 years and when I started to think about the film's music, I immediately thought of him. He is a great melodist and since I wanted the music to give a real identity to French Roast, Olivier was the ideal choice. The story is taking place in the Paris of the sixties and so we wanted to evoke the music of the detective comedies from that period. We opted for a small orchestra and Olivier suggested an electric guitar, a double-bass, a bit of electronic organ, a flute, some percussions... and a güiro!

We had the chance to get a financial support
for the music from Alcimé, which allowed us to record with live musicians in the studio Val d'Orge.

Again, a big thank you to Olivier Lliboutry, to all the musicians and to Lorène (the singer), to Jean Taxis (the sound engineer) and to Alcimé!


Music composed and conducted by
Olivier Lliboutry

Sound Engineer
Jean Taxis (Studio Val d'Orge)

Eric Lohrer

Philippe "Fifi" Chayeb

Bobby Rangell

Thierry Chauvet-Peillex

Keyboards and Percussion
Olivier Lliboutry

Lorène Devienne

Olivier (right) conducting Bobby Rangell at the flute